LED & Emergency Lighting

Fire factory Australia offers an extensive range of LED Lighting & Emergency solutions. The LED technology offers an energy efficient light source with strong light output which is ideal for emergency situations. See our range below.

Emergency & exit lighting are designed to keep people safe and guide them to safety during an emergency. These are a stand-alone system and hence they stay lit even during the time of power failure. These lights are crucial for the security of any property and it must not be overlooked. Fire Factory manufactures wholesale emergency & exit lightings and tests them to meet the high standards they must meet.

Self-Contained or Centrally Supplied

We manufacture both kinds of emergency lights. The self-contained lights come with their own backup power source. It could be supercapacitor, batteries and comes with some additional features like self-testing, wireless monitoring, etc. They are good for smaller properties. For any other property, you can combine them with wireless monitoring and supercapacitor. These features minimize the use of cables anywhere.

Centrally supplied emergency & exit lightings need a central battery unit and this system can vary with size. The small ones contain a centrally operated battery unit but no additional features. However, the addressable size can have automatic testing, remote monitoring and various other features as well.

We have decades of experience in manufacturing emergency & exit lightings and have a comprehensive variety of them that are suitable for various locations. For the demanding locations like subways, we have robust lights and the ones that are visible from a distance as well. We use the latest technology to design the lights to meet the standards set for them. Along with that, we make them look stylish and discreet.

So, if you are looking for stylish wholesale emergency & exit lightings, Fire factory is the right place to find it.