Fire Alarm, Smoke Detector & Testing Equipment

Fire Factory is the proud manufacturer of smoke alarms that protects your property and keeps you safe. We have a dedicated team to manage your alarms so that you can have the peace of your mind.

Benefits of Smoke Alarms

These alarms make your property compliant and keep you safe and protected. Our alarms are easy to install and maintain and reliable to use. They alert you in case there is excessive smoke. Thus, it can alert you in time for the fire getting out of hand and save you from suffocating from excessive smoke.

Often you can smell the smoke, but some fires produce odorless smoke. If you are sleeping, chances are you will suffocate even without knowing anything. In such cases, smoke alarms prove to be lifesavers. They will ring and alert you in time to move out and save yourself. And they are inexpensive.

Why Us?

We use advanced technology to manufacture the best and fail-safe smoke alarms. Our alarms are easy to maintain and are inexpensive. We also have alarms with some advanced features to make them all the more effective.

The alarms keep checking the air for smoke particle and gases constantly that is produced by the fire. The ionizing alarms are fast in detecting the smoke and are less expensive. However, our photoelectric alarms are a little expensive and are good at detecting smoldering and slow fire. Also, they are less sensitive to shower steams and form the cooking. That makes them a good choice to be installed in the bathroom or around the kitchen.

If you are looking for the best smoke alarms in the area, Fire Factory is the best place to look at.